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Providing A Level Playing Field Through Legislation


The life insurance industry is a significantly large one involving many players, including the insurance policy holders, companies offering life insurance products among other stakeholders. Each of the participants in the industry are doing their level best to maximize on the benefits they can gain from transacting business and this may give rise to a […]

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Protection In The Sunset Years

Sunset Years

Life insurance is an essential resource in life, no matter what age you are. You can never precisely predict what is going to happen. It is therefore important to always be prepared. While some senior citizens in Australia find maintaining an insurance premium on top of their daily expenses hardly justifiable, others find it a […]

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Life Insurance Types – Changes In Australia’s Insurance Market

Life Insurance Types

Life insurance types is meant to offer financial protection to your beneficiaries, that is, those that depend on your paycheck, in case you pass away prematurely or unexpectedly. Life insurance protection comes in various forms, with different policies available. Although the death benefit amounts may be the same, the durations, costs and durations vary across […]

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Life Insurance TPD Cover – Know Your Options

Life Insurance TPD Cove

Life insurance provides a cash lump sum to your family or beneficiaries when you die. This type of cover usually applies immediately following death and the premiums increase as you get older. Total and permanent disability insurance is usually offered as an optional extra on your death cover and provides a lump sum payment if […]

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Life Insurance Rates – What Factors Affect Your Premiums

Factors Affect Your Premiums

When taking out a life insurance policy, you are seeking cover for unexpected situations that might be brought about by the different risks you face. On their part, insurance providers offer a solution to these risks, but for a price. Life insurance rates are therefore determined by the amount of risk you face based on […]

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Life Insurance Quote – Smart Shopping

Life Insurance Quote

When shopping for a life insurance policy, the most important factor you will consider is how much a particular policy will cost you. In most cases, there is really no need to be looking at insurance policies that you cannot afford. Having a life insurance quote to work with will help you determine whether you […]

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Life Insurance Policies – The Basics

Life Insurance Policies – The Basics

Like any other insurance contract, an insurance policy is taken for the purpose of ensuring that you are restored back to the financial position you were in before an unexpected event occurred. Indemnification, which is what insurance provides, is not meant to make you profit in any way. Instead, it is meant to help you […]

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Life Insurance Comparison – What To Look Out For

Life Insurance Comparison

Carrying out as much research as possible before you purchase your life insurance policy is incredibly important if you are going to get the best deal. Unfortunately, many people simply glance at the policy, pay the premiums and hope for the best. However, the most critical aspects of life insurance policies are hidden in the […]

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