Income Protection Insurance GST – Understanding Tax Deductions

Income Protection Insurance GST

The goods and services tax (GST), came into effect in Australia in July 2000. Businesses, consumers and retailers were forced to make major adjustments. Several processes had to be rolled out for it to be implemented. A decade later, most Australians are still confused about this tax and the type of businesses it is applicable […]

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Redundancy Cover For Income Protection Insurance In Australia

Income Protection Insurance Loss Of Job

Income protection insurance is a personal insurance product that provides an alternative income in case you become ill or injured and unable to work. In the U.S and U.K, income protection also covers against unemployment. In Australia, however, income insurance protection does not cover against loss of job, but it provides some financial support if […]

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Income Protection Insurance Over 60 – Solutions For Seniors

Income Protection Insurance Over 60

Most people over 60 are retired or approaching retirement. At this age, your financial obligations have probably changed. Despite the fact that your children may be all grown up and no longer directly dependent on you, there is still a myriad of financial commitments that fall squarely on you. For instance, you may need to […]

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Why Income Protection Insurance Plan Is So Important?

Income Protection Insurance Plan

If you are wondering whether an income protection insurance plan is right for you, there is one important question you must ask yourself: How long would you be able to consistently pay your bills and sustain your lifestyle without your regular income? Injuries and illnesses are never planned for, but they could leave you unable […]

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What To Look For In Income Protection Insurance Policy Document

Income Protection Insurance Policy Document

Income protection insurance is a personal insurance product that is meant to provide financial relief in case you are unable to work following an injury or illness. When taking out this type of policy, the insurance provider will probably give you an income protection insurance policy document. This document provides the details of your policy […]

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