TPD Insurance Outside Super – When Is It Appropriate?

TPD Insurance Outside Super

Total and permanent disability insurance protects you against the inability to earn a living as a result of injury or illness. When taking out your TPD insurance policy, you can choose between purchasing your TPD insurance outside super and getting it within super. Each option has its pros and cons and these must be well […]

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What You Should Know Before Purchasing Salary Protection Insurance

Salary Protection Insurance

Many people assume that life insurance is all the protection they need against unforeseen events, but the most basic life policies will only pay after death or complete disability. The possibility of illness or an accident preventing you from working temporarily is a much more likely scenario. Income or salary protection insurance is meant to […]

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TPD Life Insurance SMSF – Benefits And Drawbacks

Woman In A Wheelchair

One of the ways through which you can obtain your TPD or life insurance is through your self-managed super fund (SMSF). Life insurance provides a payout to your loved ones in case you die. Total and permanent disability insurance is meant to provide a payout in case you become permanently disabled as a result of […]

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TPD Insurance Within Super – What You Should Know

TPD Insurance Within Super

Deciding whether to have your TPD insurance within super or outside super can be complex, especially if you do not understand the implications. When a TPD insurance policy is held via superannuation, the super fund essentially owns the policy. This means that the insurance contract is held between the super and the insurer. As such, […]

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TPD Insurance Tax Super – Tax Advantages In Superannuation

TPD Insurance Tax

One of the important considerations for purchasing total and permanent disability insurance is its affordability. Generally, there are two main ways of obtaining your TPD insurance policy: through superannuation or directly from an insurance company. TPD insurance via superannuation is usually more cost effective for several reasons, one being the tax advantages it provides. However, […]

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TPD Insurance Tax Deductible ATO – Understanding The Tax Act

TPD Insurance Tax Deductible

One of the factors that may influence your decision to get your TPD insurance policy through super or directly from an insurance company is the tax deductibility options. Generally, the premiums you pay for it outside super are not tax deductible. However, the benefits you would get if you make a successful claim would be […]

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