10 new techniques to reduce your mortgage payments

reduce your mortgage payments

As the current economy constantly changes it is imperative that people can save money for emergencies, or simply to pay for existing debts.

Savings are needed for many reasons. It can be for retirement, college tuition, or even a much needed vacation. No matter what the need having additional funds can help to realise these financial goals.

To get you started there are 10 small tips to save money that you can do right now.

Negotiate lower expenses

You may not realize it but your credit card company, internet and cable provider, cell phone provider, and even electric company bills are not set in stone. They can be negotiated. All you need to do is to let them know that you are considering switching to a competitor. Then ask them about any specials or deals that they may be offering right now. You might be able to get cheaper rates that will take effect immediately. The difference in cost can be placed in your savings account.

Cut back on spending

If you are not following a budget you may not be able to get a clear idea of how much you actually spend each month. One way to determine what you are doing is to keep a record of each transaction that you make. This will give you a sense of what the majority of your purchases and income is going towards. Once you know this you can make adjustments. That expensive gourmet coffee that you buy each morning can be eliminated. Buying the latest game for your Xbox can be cut back.

Save and recycle items

If you want to save money and help the environment at the same time you can collect recyclable material and sell it. The amount that you earn will depend on many factors. The key questions are what items will you recycle? How often can you recycle them? What is the current market value for the material? If you drink soft drinks from aluminum cans and throw them away, you are throwing your money in the trash. Create an area to store your cans and once you get an adequate amount take them to your local recycle center for cash.

Stop eating out

Food costs can be expensive. Simply cooking your own meals is one of the 10 small tips to save money that you can easily incorporate. Most people buy from fast food restaurants and chains for the ease and convenience. However, it can quickly add up. Even cutting back a few meals a week will make a big difference in the additional money you will have each month.

Earn money on the internet

One way to be able to save more money is to earn more. If you do not have the option of getting overtime hours at your current job and the opportunity for locating a part time position is slim, then try earning money over the internet. There are plenty of legitimate sites that pay people to read emails, take surveys, or complete tasks. Membership to these places is free and most can be done in your spare time.

Pay off debts

People will not have enough money left over to save if they have numerous debts. You can feel as if you are in a financial bind when you owe money to many creditors. If you can pay off your debts then you can find some relief and be able to save money.

Rewards programs provide savings

Another key for 10 small tips to save money that you can do is by taking advantage of your purchase habits. There are many rewards programs that provide your with free items, discounts, and even money for participating. Credit card companies might give you discounts for using a specific card. Another example is to sign up for reward clubs such as Coca Cola or Pepsi for using their products. You can earn points for coupons towards free drinks, magazines, jewelry, and even gift cards. The items are endless and change constantly. There is no cost to sign up and you can get free stuff from purchases that you would make anyway.

Lower your energy costs

You might think that your energy bills are too high. You can make changes to what you use that can affect the bill you receive. If you leave the lights on when you are not in the room or take long showers, it is possible to get your amount due lowered. Even lowering your thermostat can help you save money.

Never pay full price

No matter what purchases you make always look for a discount. You do not want to pay full price for anything that can be bought at a lower cost. This can be applied to food, applicances, electronics, clothes, and even your car. You can plan in advance when and where to shop to get added savings. Buying in bulk can also help lower the cost per item. If you follow these 10 small tips to save money your account will increase in no time.

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