How to get approval for a Bill/Debt Consolidation Loan?

If you have a question of how to get approval for a bill/debt consolidation loan, there is an answer for that.

The best decision you can take is not to consolidate loans.

The consolidation loans are not free and it will be lowering loan payments until you are free from the debts because they are long term loans. But there is a good way you can follow.

First option is you can have a garage sale and by that all the things you do not need can be sold. Second option is you can get a part time job which is temporary and if you have a job currently, you can have another one. There will be many temporary jobs available.

The last option is not to get a home equity loan. The Equity loans will increase your debt more rather than taking you out of it.

So there is a plan which will help you to answer the question above. First of all, you need to create a budget. Before one week of time you will be paid, you can make this. This is not a problem for you as the budget is a tool which can make you feel free from thinking on money. You can include everything in the budget. The bills which are coming annually, biannually and quarterly like the insurance, car registration etc. can be included in this. Write information about every dollar. You can create an emergency fund for 25$ and save that amount up to about 1000 to 1250 dollars. This fund will be the one saving you in the case of an emergency where you need a debt. If it is possible, you can set up a transfer directly to the savings account in order to make your emergency fund.

After that, pay all your debts existing currently and do not make any late payments from then. You must stop the usage of credit cards as soon as you can. And also remember not to take any debt again. Credit cards are very risky and will increase your debts. Now you can create a list of all the debts you have based on the interest rate. The highest interest rates will be on top while the lowest will be at last. From now, try to use only cash.

The third step of your plan is as follows. You should pay the minimum due of the debts you have and the additional money can be spent to pay the debt containing the highest interest rate. By this way, you can pay all your debts on time and the least interest.

Then when all the debts are paid and settled, add the money to the emergency fund until 6-12 months and your income will be saved in these months. And after that your emergency fund can be put into a liquid money market or else to Bank of America no-risk CD, so you can take your money anytime without penalty. Read: How to get a car loan without job history

After you have placed your emergency fund in an appropriate manner, a category called “fun” can be included to the budget. This can be spent to enjoy your life. After that step, you can save money for the retirement. Then after all these funds have been reserved, you can start saving for a car. You can buy cars or other things which will depreciate.

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