How to prove No Claims Discount on car Insurance

There are many people who have sustained a long term insurance policy for years and they are happy with their relationship.

However there have been a rapid increase in the number of fast rising insurance companies that have started up in the recent years, these new insurance companies have analyzed the older packages and have come up with better packages and more competitive quotes for car insurance targeted at both the existing clients as well as new clients who will want to buy insurance.

The wave of competition in the insurance industry has caused a lot of migrations, upon studying the available insurance packages and having to compare auto insurance rates, many clients have had a reason to rethink the scope of their car insurance coverage in a bid to get the better services offered in the competitive market.

Making a change

Making a switch between insurance companies is very easy to do, as long as all the requirements have been met by both parties, a cancellation of the old insurance policy can be effected at the expiry of the insurance plan, it is advised that any cancellation on a running policy should be done at the expiry of the policy and not in the mid-term, this will be beneficial to the client as there will be no penalties or extra charges for terminating the insurance policy.

There are many ways to get a better bargain from a new insurance company, by presenting an authentic and vetted no claim discount will remarkably increase the chances of a reduction on the insurance premium for the new policy, a no claim discount is a discount given to a new client when they have proof that they did not make any insurance claim all through their relationship with the old insurance company.

Getting the old insurance company to serve you a no claim discount might be quite challenging, many local auto insurance providers will use all tricks to avoid giving you this certification of a no claim discount, but there are steps through which it can be easily obtained.

Annual renewal letter

The annual renewal letter that is presented to the client by the insurance company can be used as certification to claim the no claim discount award, though the companies that regard the annual renewal letter vary.

Calling the customer care service

A no claim discount can be certified by the new insurance company by calling the customer service center to make enquiries about the new client’s history with the company.

The new insurance company can also go ahead to pursue the acquisition of the no claims discount certification from the old insurance company when the client has provided the old insurance policy number from the old insurance company. Read: How to get a cheap blood work without insurance

Company policy

Some insurance companies will provide a no claims discount certification once the old insurance policy has been cancelled and the client has shown proof of a new insurance policy. The old insurance company will automatically send out the no claims confirmation to the new insurance company.You must know How to prove No Claims Discount on car Insurance

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