How to reject an insurance agent who is my relative

There will be many experiences with sales people who will try to sell their insurance policies to you at any given opportunity.

These sales representatives have such a thick skin that they tend to become irritating in some cases; this might lead to an unplanned rude confrontation.

It gets even more harrowing when the insurance sales person is a close relative, who is looking at taking advantage of the personal relationship that exists between the two of you to make a sale.

This article will discuss some ways to gently turn down a sales pitch for a personal health insurance presented by a close relative who you will not want to offend by your refusal.

The first hurdle to jump in this interaction will be to overcome any sentimental feelings in dealing with this situation see you relative officially as an insurance broker at that moment, once that is done you can now employ the following steps:

Express sincere gratitude

You should be entertaining as you normally are before the sales pitch, even more welcoming as this person is more than a sales man but a relative of yours. We all know rejection can be very saddening, considering the fact that a sales pitch alone requires a lot of skill to communicate effectively, a good appreciation should be extended to the sales relative, and this will go a long way in retaining his self-esteem. You should gently tell your relative that you do not need the personal health insurance he is offering to you. This should be followed by a good reason.

Give a reason

The importance of giving a reason is to enable the sales person have an insight to why you don’t need the personal health insurance and innovate more ways to overcome that reason in a future sales pitch. A good reason like; you already have a personal health insurance and you have been with the service for many years will help the sales person to go back to the drawing boards and innovate a way to target those clients who might not be on any health insurance package at all but will need it soon as time progresses as health care insurance is very beneficial to everyone. Read: What Is Total And Permanent Disability Insurance?

Be precise

Taking into consideration the essence of time, time is valuable and it will be more impolite to waste the salesman’s time knowing you will not need the service offered. It is imperative to promptly inform the sales man that you will not need his services as the case may be, while taking care to avoid raising false hopes by making misleading comments, this can easily happen if it were an exotic car insurance sale that was being pitched.

Be firm and encouraging

Sales men are very tough to rid of, they will try everything in and out of the books to get your patronage and in this case the sales man is a relative, so you have to be firm when informing the sales man that you will not need the health insurance, while throwing in some encouragement by giving the sales man some referrals and encourage the selling spirit that has been shown, also to introduce more competitive health insurance rates and offering free insurance quotes to woo more clients.

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