No insurance, how to sue someone

A situation where a collision has happened and it is found out that both parties have no insurance is a very dicey situation.

Collision insurance will be the best means of resolving the claims.

The matter has to be approached with a good deal of wisdom that will enable the victim to be compensated. There are lawyers that will be able to get the culprit off the hook easily as there will be a case against the victim for not having a valid running insurance at the time of the accident.

This article will discuss the steps which a person who gets involved in this kind of situation can take to reach a good resolution of the matter. With the prevailing competitive rates of auto insurance prices, everyone should have auto insurance. The price for full coverage insurance might be quite high for individuals, but there are other options that can be accessed.

There might be an instance where the culprit is under non-owner auto insurance, this case will be easily handled as the insurance company will take it up; it is advisable to get an affordable insurance to cover cars as there is always a risk while driving. The first step to get a compensation for the damage will be to go through a small claims proceeding.

Steps to get compensation

The first step to be taken by the victim is to get a repair quote from a registered automobile mechanic, this quote will be presented along with a letter of demand to the culprit who we will refer to as the defendant, the order of proceedings require the letter of demand to be handed over to the defendant in person, this is done because of the obvious reasons of assurance that the defendant has been notified and has read through the letter of demand, however a case where the defendant refuses to accept the letter of demand, it is advised to leave it on the premises with a signed affidavit of delivery which might be used in the court.

The letter of demand is actually meant to be a means by which the matter will be settled amicably by both parties involved in the crash out of court, it is only when this fails to happen that court proceedings will begin to hear the case and possibly grant the victim some form of compensation. The letter of demand will specify a period during which the defendant is to answer to the charges either in affirmative or otherwise. They will be guided by the repair cost quote to know exactly what will be expected of them as compensation for the damage. Read: How to Find Affordable Life Insurance for Seniors Over 70


When there is a stale mate and the defendant refuse to respond in the specified period indicated on the letter of demand, the victim will go the court to get a summons; this will be processed through the law enforcement agents to be presented to the defendant. The summons should be received by the defendant at least 10 days before the court hearing, the court hearing will address the issue with all evidence provided, and there will be an award to the victim when the judge is satisfied with the accusations made.

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