The Sub-prime and Other Frauds ? Penalties Coming

Sub-prime and Other Frauds

I have been wondering, as I am sure you have as to how long it would take the government to take action against the mortgage brokers who are responsible for at least a portion of the collapse of the sub-prime mortgage industry.  After following several newspaper accounts for this information it’s finally happening, and there […]

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Tips on How to Receiving Cheap Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Home Owners Life Insurance

Purchasing insurance on your home and car can be a daunting task, with many different companies offering their services.  The usual way of finding out pricing is through insurance quotes. These usually give you a general price of what you will pay for your insurance each month based on some criteria that you give to […]

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Tax Treatment On Life Insurance

Life Insurance Taxable

You can purchase life insurance though superannuation or just as a stand-alone policy. Tax treatment is different on these two covers. It is important for consumers to understand tax deductibility so they know how to maximize the benefits of their life insurance policies. If you purchase life insurance outside of superannuation then the premiums made […]

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Shopping For The Best Life Insurance Policy Online

Shopping For The Best Policy

Thanks to the great strides taken in technology, it is now possible to shop and even buy life insurance online. There are a lot of affordable life insurance rates on offer, but you need to know exactly what you are getting into before you agree to any policy. With life insurance, you are essentially investing in […]

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Providing A Level Playing Field Through Legislation


The life insurance industry is a significantly large one involving many players, including the insurance policy holders, companies offering life insurance products among other stakeholders. Each of the participants in the industry are doing their level best to maximize on the benefits they can gain from transacting business and this may give rise to a lot […]

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Protection In The Sunset Years

Sunset Years

Life insurance is an essential resource in life, no matter what age you are. You can never precisely predict what is going to happen. It is therefore important to always be prepared. While some senior citizens find maintaining an insurance premium on top of their daily expenses hardly justifiable, others find it a rather obvious choice for […]

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Life Insurance Types – Changes In Australia’s Insurance Market

Life Insurance Types

Life insurance types is meant to offer financial protection to your beneficiaries, that is, those that depend on your paycheck, in case you pass away prematurely or unexpectedly. Life insurance protection comes in various forms, with different policies available. Although the death benefit amounts may be the same, the duration, costs and duration vary across different […]

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Life Insurance TPD Cover – Know Your Options

Life Insurance TPD Cove

Life insurance provides a cash lump sum to your family or beneficiaries when you die. This type of cover usually applies immediately following death and the premiums increase as you get older. Total and permanent disability insurance is usually offered as an optional extra on your death cover and provides a lump sum payment if […]

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